Questions to all the frequently asked questions and maybe a few that aren’t so frequent but thought you might want to know…

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question you don’t see below? Send it along to support@trulysocialgames.com and we’ll do our best to get right back to you with the answer. (we’re talkin’ Planet Gold Rush questions folks – if you want to know where babies come from or why the sky is blue we may not be the best resource…)

How do I upgrade my Claim Office?

To continue to upgrade your Claim Office, ensure that your Home Claim and everything on it is consistently upgraded and working at peak production. You’ll know when something needs to be upgraded if you see a green chevron symbol next to it. Then the upgrade button for the Claim Office will open up and you can advance.

How do I move things around on my Home Claim?

Hit the dotted square button (next to settings) and you’ll be able to select any building/item on your Home Claim to move as you see fit. Don’t forget that some buildings/items need to be placed in certain spots to work properly!

Why isn't my Wash Plant powered?

Wash Plants require a power unit to keep them running and power units must be placed in close proximity to the Wash Plants to function properly. When the power unit is placed close enough, the Wash Plant will highlight, indicating that they’re receiving power.

I can't find ___. How can I tell where to look for it?

If you’re unsure of where to look for a certain item/material, hit the information button (the little ‘i’) above it for a helpful hint!

How do I change my name?

Your name can be changed in the settings tab (the gear icon) which can be accessed while you’re on your Home Claim. Please note that you can only change your name once, so make it count!

I noticed a glitch/error. What should I do?

Firstly, don’t fret! Chances are good that our team is aware of the issue and is working actively to solve it. Either way, please email support@trulysocialgames.com to alert our support team and they’ll walk you through a solution!

I have an idea for something in-game! How do I share it with you?

Have a feature request/idea? Great! We’d love to hear it! You can send us a message on any of our social channels, or email support at support@trulysocialgames.com.

Someone is harassing my child in your game. What should I do?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support@trulysocialgames.com. They’ll look into what’s going on, and in some cases, can ban the offending player.

I still need help! Who can I contact?

Our support team is here to help. You can contact them while in-game via the settings tab (look for ‘Contact us’) or via email at support@trulysocialgames.com.

How can I contact you in-game?

  • Hit the settings button (the one that looks like a gear)
  • Then hit the “Contact us” button
  • Fill out the form and hit “Send”