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Buildings + Transportation

Game Shack

Game Shack

The Game Shack is where challenges take place. You can only build the Game Shack and participate in challenges once you’ve reached level 6.

Recycling Plant

Recycling Plant

The Recycling Plant is where you can convert different materials into a random material or resource.
For example: gems, building materials, consumable boosters, and other consumables.

Important to note is that the Recycling Plant must be filled completely before random resources can be crafted, and only specific materials can be moved into the Recycling Plant.


Power Unit

A power unit ensures that structures will function.
It has a specific action radius which should be taken into consideration while building gold production structures, as they won’t function if they’re placed too far away from the power units.

There can be multiple power units on your home claim, and as you progress though the game, the number of maximum available power units increases. Note that power units cannot be upgraded.


Claim Office

The Claim Office is the main building on your Home Claim. Its upgrades unlock new construction opportunities, and some buildings can be unlocked only if the Claim Office is upgraded to a specific level.

It’s important to note that you can only build one Claim Office, and the Claim Office doesn’t produce any of its own resources.



All your materials, including tools and collectible elements, will be stored here. It’s important to note that you can only build one warehouse, but you can upgrade it to increase its capacity.


Stock Pile

The Stock Pile is a visual supporting representation of the amount of dirt brought to the claim from resource claims. It may look like just a pile of dirt, but it’s full of gold!

There are four states the Stock Pile can be in:

Empty: There is no dirt being delivered to the Home Claim.

Running Low: Some or all resource claims have been emptied.

Average: The amount of dirt delivered is healthy for the production cycle.

Overloaded: Too much dirt is being delivered and the Wash Plant cannot handle it.


Gold Storage

The Gold Storage collects and holds all the gold created in the Smeltery. You can build multiple Gold Storage centers, but if there is no free space in your storage centers you won’t be able to use the gold you’ve produced. The production process will also slow down and may stop eventually.


Train Delivery

The Train Delivery center allows you to make orders for different materials.

It’s important to note that you can only build one train delivery center.

Truck Delivery

Truck Deliveries

The Truck Delivery center is another place where you can make orders for different materials you might need.

You can only have one truck delivery center, and the three different vehicles allotted deliver three types of materials depending on the rarity.


Survey Shack

The Survey Shack is where you can buy cards for use in the Survey game. Note that you can’t upgrade the Survey Shack.


Expedition Shack

The Expedition Shack is where you upgrade your transportation used in Exploration Mode. These include your truck, boat, and helicopter.



This smeltery is the last building in the gold production cycle; gold nuggets are processed into gold bars, which can then be collected.

The smeltery accumulates Production Rate from all washplants and provides you with that amount of gold.

Research Lab

Research Lab

All the crazy scientific stuff takes place here! Here, you can perform researches and upgrade your buildings (with some special sorcery, of course).

Wash Plant

Wash Plant

The Wash Plant is where you wash off dirt to reveal gold nuggets! It has different states, outside of the normal working state:

Sleeping: This is when the wash plant shuts off because there is not enough/ none dirt delivered from resource claims)
Not working: When the building is placed outside the are of work of a generator
Overloaded: Too much dirt is delivered. You must either upgrade your Wash Plant or build another one.

Your Wash Plant(s) will function normally as long as there’s enough dirt in your stock piles, and your Wash Plant(s) are placed in areas near electricity.

Machine Shop

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop is where you upgrade your vehicles. You can also get more cars to deliver resources as well as upgrade your expedition pickup to carry more items in Exploration mode.

Worker Lodge

Worker Lodge

The Worker Lodge is where your Claim Workers live.

Helcopter Delivery

Helicopter Delivery

Keep an eye on your Helicopter Delivery Center! Everyday the helicopter will bring you a special surprise crate filled with gems, materials, and more!

Construction Depot

Construction Depot

The Construction Depot is where you can receive deliveries by ship, and also build out any Abandoned Mines you’ve claimed.


Abandoned Mines

Claim an Abandoned Mine you find while in Exploration Mode to start getting additional gold!